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Bolton Live Literature

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It’s been a quiet summer, both on the blog and on social media, while I worked on getting my second novel, Subject, Object, to some point that might, even if just for a day, be called “finished”. Plus avoided getting sunburned/bitten. But with both the manuscript and the weather cooling (the former in a proverbial desk drawer, the latter because: seasons), I have little excuse to stay indoors in my dressing gown.

All of which is to say, I’m taking part in Bolton’s Live Literature series, reading alongside poet and translator¬†Beverley Bie Brahic at the University of Bolton’s Octagon Theatre on Tuesday 18 November. Beverley was a finalist for the 2012 Forward Prize and is intimidatingly good.

Tuesdays are the worst. So come to Bolton, hear us read and be taken somewhere else – South Africa, Paris, Canada. I have it on good authority that wine will also be available.



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